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Communicating With Your Patients Effectively

The “Triple Aim” of health care describes efforts to simultaneously improve population health, decrease per capita health care costs, and improve the patient experience of care. Effective communication between physicians and patients, using a wide range of knowledge and skills, is at the center of all three of these objectives. In a recent survey, family physicians chose "Improving quality of care" as the "most important" topic to them. This ebook focuses on those aspects of communication that directly affect quality of care for employed physicians and practice owners alike.

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The Art of Medicine: Seven Skills That Promote Mastery
With a little practice, these seven vital skills can become a natural part of your patient consultations.

What Should You Do When Your Patient Brings a List?
Follow these five steps if your patient unfurls a long list of issues to discuss at today's visit.

Improving Communication With Older Patients: Tips From the Literature
Poor communication with this vulnerable and growing population can undermine your efforts to provide good patient care.

Communicating Bad News to Your Patients
How you share the news can have a lasting effect on your patients and their families.

How to Manage Difficult Patient Encounters
These strategies will help you turn problematic encounters into productive ones.

Five Tips for Generating Patient Satisfaction and Compliance
These lessons from the business world can work in your practice, too.

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