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January 1998 - Energize Your Practice
Energize Yourself and Your Practice Taming Your Desk • Keys to a Positive First Impression • Staff Retreats • 10 Steps to Staying Sane • The Telemedicine House Call • Three Documentation Tools That Work • A Rural Recruiting Tool • Patient-Friendly Waiting • Exercising Power With Limited Authority

February 1998 - Multiple MCOs
Making Patient Care Easier Under Multiple Managed Care Plans • Solo Practice: The Way of the Future • Selling Your Practice Doesn’t Have to Mean Selling Out • SBA Loans Made Easy • Questions to Ask About Your Accounts Receivable • Reducing New Patients’ Anxiety • Patients Stand by Their HMOs

March 1998 - Managed Care Hassles
Coping With Managed Care’s Administrative Hassles • PSOs: A Golden Opportunity in Medicare Managed Care • Patient-Centered Care for Better Patient Adherence • Change: Inevitable but Manageable • The Consequences of Private Contracting • Evaluating Health Insurance Plans for Your Practice • The First Rule of Speechmaking • Salaried Physicians: Managers in Disguise

April 1998 - PPMCs
Physician Practice Management Companies: Too Good to Be True? • Coding and Documentation Made Easier • Enhancing Referrals With a Computer-Generated Form • The Sabbatical Year of a Family Physician • An Ounce of Prevention • How to Keep Salaries on Track and Under Control • Benefit Programs: Look Before You Leap • How Satisfied Are Your Patients?

May 1998 - Solo Practice
Readers Speak Out on Solo Practice • Using Self-Evaluation in Rating Physician Performance • Rural Practice and Managed Care: A Success Story • The Managed Care Transition: Touching All the Bases • Documentation Guidelines Likely to Change • Billing for NP Services • Recovering Flood-Damaged Records

June 1998 - Where Do We Go From Here?
The New AMA President Answers Your Questions • It’s Time to Start Practicing Population-Based Health Care • When a Physician Practice Management Company Comes Calling • Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners — A Perfect Team • Changes Proposed for the E/M Documentation Guidelines • Use Random Audits to Find Payment Problems • Promoting Your Staff Makes Good Financial Sense

July/August 1998 - Medicare Compliance
Protect Your Practice With a Medicare and Medicaid Compliance Program • Increasing Patient Satisfaction • The Truth About Antitrust • World Wide Web 101 • New Options for Billing for PA Services • How to Manage Your Staff When You’re Not the Manager • Five Ways to Say ‘No’ Effectively

September 1998 - Demand Management
Improve Care and Save Money With Demand Management • Putting Patients First • Implementing Your Own Program • The Patient Education Connection • Do You Have a Year 2000 Problem? • Problems With Self-Pay Patients • Documenting Decision Making for a New Problem • Reassignment and Medicare Fraud • Physician, Laugh at Thyself! • Do You Belong on the Board of Directors?

October 1998 - Physician Compensation
In Search of an Effective Physician Compensation Formula • Managing Cardiology Care • Nurse Practitioners: Growing Competition? • Disease Management: Who’s Caring for Your Patients? • Prepayment Request for E/M Documentation • Care Plan Oversight • New Diagnosis Codes • Altruism in Practice Management • Remind Patients of Your Scope of Practice

November/December 1998 - Hospitalists
What the Hospitalist Movement Means to Family Physicians • Decrease Hassles and Costs by Integrating Your Plans’ Formularies • Do-It-Yourself Disease Management • Take-Home Messages From the Academy’s Managed Care Forum • What to Do About Medicare Overpayments • Find Out How Much Your Plans Are Really Paying You • How You Can Keep Your Generation Xers on Staff