2004 FPM Issues

FPM Past Issues:

January 2004 - Practice Budget
3 Steps to an Effective Practice Budget • Strategies That Successful Practices Have in Common • How to Create an After-Hours Clinic • Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Clinical Interventions • Coding Q&A • How to Build an Electronic Filing Cabinet • CPT Update • Practice Diary

February 2004 - Evidence-Based Medicine
Making Evidence-Based Medicine Doable • The Outcomes of Open-Access Scheduling • Stark Law Exceptions • Answers to Your Coding Questions • Evidence-Based Tool for Diagnosing Pulmonary Embolism • A Primer on Wireless Networks • Coding for Observation Care • The Fine Art of Refusal

March 2004 - Hospital Privileges
Fighting for Hospital Privileges • Pay-for-Performance Programs • The Cost of White Lies • Should You Invest in New Medical Equipment? • The Perils of Coding for Depression • Patient Handout: Understanding Your Medical Bills • Hypertension Encounter Form • Coding Q&A

April 2004 - Preventive Care Coding
Making Sense of Preventive Care Coding • Recommendations for the Future of Family Medicine • Calculating Your Cost per Service • A Tool for Providing Better Follow-Up Care • Coding Q&A • Why Every Practice Should Have a Payment Policy • Communicating With Patients Online • Teaching Kindness

May 2004 - Clinical Literature
A Simple Method for Evaluating the Clinical Literature • Implementing Advanced Access Scheduling • How to Work With the Media • Coding Q&A • Physician-Patient Partnership Agreements • New and Improved Credentialing • Blending Work and Family • What Do You Need to Know About Information Technology?

June 2004 - Part-Time Practice
Part-Time Practice: Making It Work • Understanding When to Use 99211 • How to Work With Language Interpreters • Analyze Your Coding Patterns • Evidence-Based Encounter Form for Acute Otitis Media • Answers to Your Coding Questions • Practice Diary • Hipaaposterous

July/August 2004 - "Free" Services
Should You Charge Your Patients for "Free" Services? • How to Use Scheduling Data to Improve Efficiency • Using Bilingual Staff Members as Interpreters • Billing for Your Work With Surgeons • How to End a Medical Visit Cleanly • Coding Q&A • Managing Your Patients' Family Dynamics

September 2004 - Big Ideas
Big Ideas to Help Your Practice Thrive • Group Visits Hit the Road • Making Time to Listen • "Insuring" the Uninsured • ICD-9 Changes Effective Oct. 1 • Coding Q&A • A Good Start to the Doctor-Patient Relationship • Making a Living and a Life

October 2004 - Asthma Care
An Approach to Better Asthma Care • How to Negotiate for Better Reimbursement • Should You Buy a Tablet PC? • Understanding When to Use Modifier -- 25 • Encounter Form for Treating Patients With Cold Symptoms • Answers to Your Coding Questions • The Value of Small Talk

November/December 2004 - Malpractice Insurance
Do You Have the Right Malpractice Insurance Policy? • Why It's Time to Buy an Electronic Health Record System • How to Prepare for Semi-retirement • Motivating and Retaining Staff • A Tool for Estimating Angioplasty Risks • Coding Q&A • How to Find Answers on the Medicare Web Site • Spoofing Spurious Science