2005 FPM Issues

FPM Past Issues:

January 2005 - Maintenance of Certification
Are You Ready for Maintenance of Certification? • What a “Community of Practice” Can Do for You • Preparing Your Office for a Medical Emergency • New CPT Codes for the New Year • Dictating in the Exam Room • Answers to Your Coding Questions • The Art of Coping With Change

February 2005 - Electronic Health Records
Electronic Health Records: Making the Right Choice • Is a Low-Cost EHR Right for Your Practice? • How to Select an EHR System • One Practice’s Journey From Paper to EHRs • Getting Paid for the “Welcome to Medicare” Physical • Coding Q&A • Managing Habitual No-Show Patients • Slowing Down

March 2005 - Same-Day Scheduling
Same-Day Scheduling: Answers to Your Questions • Should You Treat Yourself, Family or Friends? • The Medicare Prescription Drug Act: What You Need to Know • Coding Q&A • An Evidence-Based Tool for Evaluating Knee Injuries • How to Manage a Flood of Faxes • Coding Education Pays Off • Streamlining Your Files

April 2005 - Office Efficiency
Making Every Minute Count: Practice Efficiency Tools • 10 Steps to HIPAA Security Compliance • What a Medical Assistant Can Do for Your Practice • Is Recruiting for FPs on the Upswing? • Encounter Form for Better “Welcome to Medicare” Exams • Coding Q&A • Learning to Listen All Over Again • Good, Free PDA Software • Combining Practice and Parenting

May 2005 - Toxic Practices
The Danger of a Dysfunctional Medical Practice • The New Model of Family Medicine: What It Means for You • Is the New Model Financially Viable? • How to Improve Your Phone Management • Getting Paid for Care Plan Oversight • Anticoagulation Flow Sheet and Reminder Chart • Coding Q&A • Mining EHR Data to Improve Quality • Managing Stress From the Inside Out

June 2005 - Niche Services
Expanding Your Practice Through Niche Services • How to Harness the Power of Your Ideas • Tips for Improving Patient Satisfaction and Compliance • Are You Prepared to Defend Your Coding? • Managing Meds for Indigent Patients • Coding Q&A • How to Evaluate PDA Software • Coping With Administrative Burdens

July/August 2005 - Caring for Children
Caring for Children: Re-examining the Family Physician’s Role • Responding to a Pertussis Outbreak • How to Answer Your Clinical Questions More Efficiently • What Makes a High-Earning Family Physician? • Coding Q&A • The A to Z of Cross-Cultural Medicine • How to Prioritize Your Incoming Messages

September 2005 - Coding "Routine" Office Visits
Coding "Routine" Office Visits: 99213 or 99214? • Terminating a Patient: Is It Time to Part Ways? • Make Medical Notes Better and Faster With Macros • ICD-9 Changes: It's Time to Tend to Your Superbill • Special Feature: ICD-9 Reference Card • Ten Hard Questions About the Future of the Specialty • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • Meet Dr. Wonderful

October 2005 - Reducing Errors in Your Practice
Reliability Science: Reducing the Error Rate in Your Practice • An EHR User-Satisfaction Survey: Advice From 408 Family Physicians • Get Better Results With Staff Performance Standards • Don’t Get Burned Coding Common Skin Procedures • A Must-Do List for the Departing Physician • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • Coding Nonsense, NOS

November/December 2005 - Chronic Illness Care
Improving Chronic Illness Care in a Private Practice • A Refresher on Medicare and Concurrent Care • Financial Analysis: Look Beyond Your Practice’s Bottom Line • Take Your Personal Digital Assistant to the Next Level • Choosing the Right Practice Entity • 1-800-Chronic Disease Management • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • So How Are You Doing?