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    AAFP Supplements

    Maternal Immunization Task Force for Pregnant Women: A Call to Action

    The current increase in vaccine hesitancy calls for an urgent commitment to discuss the evidence-based benefits of vaccination with pregnant women. 9/20

    Keys to High-Quality, Low-Cost Care: Empanelment, Attribution, and Risk Stratification

    Understand attribution and alignment methodologies in value-based payment arrangements to know which patients are assigned to you. Use empanelment and risk stratification to better understand where to expend your practice's care management and care coordination resources. 9/20

    Understanding Value-Based Payment: A Primer for Family Physicians

    Public and private payers are transitioning away from fee-for-service and emphasizing value-based payment models. This supplement from the American Academy of Family Physicians describes what you need to know about the transition and how it may affect you and your practice. 7/20

    Increasing Pneumococcal Immunization Rates

    This supplement from the American Academy of Family Physicians shares learnings from state chapter quality improvement initiatives designed to increase adult pneumococcal vaccination rates. 7/20

    Primary Care First: Practice Assessment Checklist

    Use this checklist to assess your practice's readiness to participate in this new payment model from Medicare. 1/20

    Adolescent Vaccination: Protect Their Future

    Strategies to improve your adolescent patients' immunizations. 7/19

    Improving Vaccination Rates for the 2018-2019 Influenza Season

    Here's what you need to know to increase the influenza vaccination rate in your practice. 5/19

    Making Sense of MACRA: Questions to Ask Your Employer

    Find out how your practice's Quality Payment Program strategy will impact you. 5/18

    Helping Your Adolescent and Young Adult Patients Get the Preventive Care and Services They Need

    The Adolescent Health Consortium Project has clarified clinical preventive service recommendations for adolescents and young adults. 3/18

    Making Sense of MACRA: Advance Care Planning

    You can get paid for advance care planning while satisfying a high-priority quality measure for MACRA. 1/18

    Making Sense of MACRA: Aligning Transitional Care Management With the Quality Payment Program

    This supplement provides examples of how the components of TCM services overlap with a variety of MIPS reporting measures. 11/17

    Making Sense of MACRA: Simplifying Chronic Care Management

    Learn how to optimize revenue today by using this step-by-step approach to add chronic care management to your practice. 7/17

    Making Sense of MACRA: Annual Wellness Visit

    Learn how to optimize revenue today while improving Medicare quality and cost. 1/17

    Editorial Supplements

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    Engaging Patients in Collaborative Care Plans

    This important self-management support strategy can produce quality outcomes for your patients and your practice. 5/13

    Health Coaching: Teaching Patients to Fish

    Used in combination with traditional medical treatment, health coaching can help improve outcomes by getting patients more involvedd in their own health. 5/13