Three Important Rules When Kids Find a Gun: Stop. Run Away. Tell an Adult.

Three Important Rules When Kids Find a Gun: Stop. Run Away. Tell an Adult.
Gun safety is a topic that affects virtually every household. Everyone wants to ensure children are safe, both in their own homes and when they venture into the outside world. Gun safety at home—keeping the firearm and ammunition in separate, locked locations—is the most important safety precaution parents can take. Teaching children to stop, don’t touch, go away and tell an adult when they see a gun is equally vital. And parents should know about firearms in the homes of friends, relatives and others where their children may visit.

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AAFP Position Paper on Prevention of Gun Violence The American Academy of Family Physicians supports primary prevention strategies to reduce the injuries and deaths associated with gun ownership and violence. The AAFP believes that federal and state policies can balance the right to own firearms with health, safety, and societal well-being.

Gun Violence, Prevention of (Position Paper)  Gun violence should be considered a public health issue, not a political one—an epidemic that needs to be addressed with research and evidence-based strategies that can reduce morbidity and mortality.

AAFP Policy on Firearms and Safety Issues The AAFP recognizes firearm-related deaths, injury and violence as a significant public health problem and supports increased research into all areas of how gun violence affects public health, including how gun laws and regulations affect or will affect rates of injuries, deaths and suicides. The AAFP supports robust enforcement of existing gun-related federal state and local laws and regulations

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