About Doctors for America

Every day, physicians witness the failings of our current healthcare system. We are frustrated that insurance companies deny care for their patients. We don’t think families should have to struggle to pay for medications and face possible bankruptcy because of an illness. We are on the front lines with their colleagues, fighting through a health care system that values volume of procedures over quality treatment or patients’ needs.

What is Doctors for America?
Doctors for America is a grassroots group of nearly 14,000 physicians in all 50 states that organizes physicians so that Congress, their peers and the public know they are in favor of health reform.

Doctors for America Four Key Principles for Real Reform:

  • Reduce patients’ healthcare costs
  • Expand access to care
  • Improve quality of care
  • Promote patient-focused practice environments for physicians

Recent Doctors for America activities:

  • Voices of Physicians campaign put physicians' goals for health reform on an interactive map at www.voicesofphysicians.org(www.voicesofphysicians.org)
  • Supporting healthcare investments in federal legislation through national and state petition campaigns
  • Organizing house meetings to bring physicians together to discuss concerns and ideas for health reform
  • Webcasts to elevate the conversation about health reform, featuring guests like Dr. Howard Dean, Jacob Hacker and Ellen-Marie Whalen
  • Collecting and sharing physician stories illustrating the need for health reform
  • Surveying members to find out what doctors really think about key issues like the public option.
  • Bringing thousands of comments to the Physician Stakeholders Meeting at the White House to to contribute to the discussion on prevention and wellness
  • Collaborating with peer organizations to work as a coalition of nearly half a million physicians to advance the cause of national health reform.

For more information about Doctors for America, visit www.drsforamerica.org(www.drsforamerica.org).