About the National Physicians Alliance

Founded in 2005, the National Physicians Alliance represents 20,000 members across medical specialties. Membership is open to all physicians who have graduated from a medical school accredited by the Liaison Committee for Medical Education or who hold a license to practice medicine in the United States. The NPA accepts no funding from the pharmaceutical or medical device industries.

The National Physicians Alliance is founded to restore physicians' primary emphasis on the core values of our profession: service, integrity, and advocacy. The NPA offers a professional home for physicians seeking creative collaboration and mutual support. As a diverse physician community, we work to improve health and well being, and to ensure equitable, affordable, high quality health care for all.

Secure Health Care for All Campaign
The National Physicians Alliance is engaging doctors all over the country to become involved in grassroots advocacy on behalf of our patients. “Along with sister organizations representing over 400,000 doctors, the NPA strongly supports the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act (HR 3200)—landmark legislation that will make high quality, affordable health care available to all Americans and give our patients the peace of mind that their coverage will be there when they need it,” says NPA President-Elect Dr. Valerie Arkoosh. “It will also create a new public health insurance option that will make private health insurance companies compete on what matters most: patient satisfaction and quality services.”

NPA President Dr. David Evans says, “We are at a unique moment in our nation’s history. Doctors are united in our support of reform. More than 400,000 physicians stand with patients in support of robust preventive and primary care, with an emphasis on high quality health care rather than high quantity care, and the inclusion of a public health insurance option to create meaningful choice for our patients.

“Our patients cannot wait another day for health care reform. The urgency has never been greater. The National Physicians Alliance is proud to support HR 3200. As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of putting Americans on the moon, let us pledge that 40 years from now we will look back to 2009 as the year our nation met another tremendous goal: guaranteed, high quality, health care for all.”

Jean Silver-Isenstadt, MD, PhD
NPA Executive Director
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Reston, VA 20191
703.254.8972 / www.npalliance.org(npalliance.org)