AAFP Statement: Family Physicians Call on Senate to Confirm Regina Benjamin, MD, as Surgeon General

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Statement Attributable to:
Ted Epperly, MD
American Academy of Family Physicians

“The American Academy of Family Physicians calls on the Senate to quickly confirm the appointment of Regina Benjamin, MD, as U.S. Surgeon General.

“As a family physician who has brought her medical expertise to providing high quality health care, educating patients about health lifestyles and advocating for the health of all Americans, Dr. Benjamin is eminently qualified to serve America as the nation’s doctor.

“The appointment of a U.S. Surgeon General is unrelated to the current debate on health care reform, and the AAFP is disappointed with a delayed vote that stems from disagreements over legislation that is unrelated to the duties and qualifications of the Surgeon General.

“Quick action will ensure that American patients have an advocate who will work to ensure better understanding of maintaining good health. The nation’s family physicians call for an expeditious vote to confirm Dr. Benjamin as U.S. Surgeon General.”

Editor’s note: To arrange an interview with Ted Epperly, MD, contact Leslie Champlin, at 800-274-2237, Ext. 5224, or lchampli@aafp.org.

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