Premier Health Site’s Relaunch Offers Enhanced Health Information for Consumers and New Marketing Channels for Advertisers

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Janelle Davis
Public Relations Strategist
American Academy of Family Physicians
(800) 274-2237 Ext. 6253

LEAWOOD, Kan. – The American Academy of Family Physicians and multi-platform video distributor AnswersMedia, LLC., have launched a strategic alliance that provides consumers and physicians access to highly credible, easily searchable, and visually engaging health information via the completely redesigned Web site. The new, videocentric site, co-produced under the name Primetime HealthNet, is the only medical association-sponsored Web site to integrate peer-reviewed health information with interactive, high-definition video-on-demand. This offering is being syndicated to thousands of affiliates early this year.

The new venture brings together two of the most reputable names in health information, capitalizing on the strengths of each. An established and credible source for online health information, the AAFP’s site is one of the most visited consumer health sites on the Internet, generating nearly 3 million unique visitors each month and boasting a monthly average of more than 5.6 million page views even before the redesign. Chicago-based AnswersMedia is a leader in broadband and cross-platform video distribution with more than two decades of experience in health care content and television production.

The new interactive site features engaging and educational videos, in English and Spanish, on the most prevalent health conditions and topics. Additional media and features are scheduled to be added in the coming months, and future plans also include the incorporation of HIPAA compliant online physician tools that will allow for education-driven communications with patients. As always, the site’s content is reviewed by medical editors who are family physicians.

“This new alliance is about putting consumers at the center of health care and finding new and innovative ways to empower them to take control of their health,” said Michael Springer, AAFP vice president for publishing and communications. “By adding linked video content to the site, we are hoping to enhance consumers’ online experience by making difficult-to-describe concepts easy to understand, while providing our physicians a great tool to further educate and keep their patients healthy.”

In addition to providing tremendous utility for consumers, the new site offers a platform for marketers seeking to reach consumers of health products and services in richer, more interactive ways not previously possible on It offers sponsors new immersive advertising opportunities with multiple targeted ad placement positions. Future plans include assigned trigger points that lead visitors to bonus content, including promotional content and targeted e-commerce opportunities.

“Marketers’ demand for online video inventory far exceeds the supply on the Internet right now,” said Jeff Bohnson, chief executive officer of AnswersMedia, LLC. “Advertisers are clamoring for new, more targeted marketing channels. The platform dramatically expands the site’s value proposition and allows advertisers to deliver their message to a relevant audience searching for specific information on a site they have come to know and trust.”

A December 2007 Pew Internet and American Life Poll found that the majority of Americans go to the Internet first, before contacting experts or family members for health information. The study looked at several common issues, including dealing with a serious illness or health concern.

“We are witnessing a true media and technology convergence and believe that by putting a trusted physician at the core of information flow, we can increase viewership and visibility for and create a new venue for advertising, sponsorship and licensing of trusted, in-demand, on-demand health content,” said Springer.

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