TransforMED Launches New Version of Medical Home Implementation Quotient

Free, online self-assessment helps practices measure patient-centered medical home implementation progress in comparison to National Committee for Quality Assurance PCMH 2011 Standards and Guidelines

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Janelle Davis
Public Relations Strategist
American Academy of Family Physicians
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LEAWOOD, Kan. – TransforMED, a subsidiary of the American Academy of Family Physicians, recently launched an updated version of its free, online self-assessment tool known as the MHIQ® or Medical Home Implementation Quotient. MHIQ 3 will better enable primary care medical practices to measure their progress on the road to patient-centered medical home implementation by providing a parallel comparison to the must-pass elements of the NCQA PCMH 2011 Standards and Guidelines.

Since the launch of TransforMED’s MHIQ in 2008, more than 4,000 medical practices have completed the assessment. For practices that completed MHIQ 2, there is no need to start over. A simple login and automated upgrade will convert MHIQ 2 scores to MHIQ 3. Users will be prompted to answer 17 newly added questions to enable them to see where their practice stands in relation to NCQA PCMH 2011 recognition criteria. While the MHIQ is only a guide, it provides a good PCMH progress indicator provided that all questions are answered accurately and honestly.

The MHIQ tool identifies the status of the practices as a PMCH through a series of simple questions across nine modules that are based on the TransforMED Patient-Centered Model:

  • Patient-Centered Care;
  • Practice-Based Team Care;
  • Access to Care and Information;
  • Care Coordination;
  • Care Management;
  • Health Information Technology;
  • Quality and Safety;
  • Practice Management; and
  • Practice-Based Services.

Following the completion of each module, a report is generated which contains an indicative analysis of the practice for the designated module. The module assessment also groups the practice’s score into one of four areas of recommendations on how to proceed with PCMH implementation. MHIQ 3 provides more robust feedback than previous versions of the assessment.

In addition to receiving a score on individual modules and the completed assessment, users may also choose to compare their MHIQ 3 responses to the NCQA PCMH 2011 must-pass elements. The comparison does not constitute an NCQA score or recognition.

“The new version of TransforMED’s MHIQ is an excellent place for primary care physicians to begin laying the groundwork for patient-centered medical home transformation,” said Terry McGeeney, MD, MBA, president and CEO of TransforMED. “TransforMED’s team of experts stands ready to engage with physicians and their staff as they prepare to embark on NCQA PCMH recognition.”

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About TransforMED
The Leawood, Kan.-based TransforMED is a non-profit wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Established in 2005, TransforMED provides ongoing consultation and support to physicians as they work to implement the patient-centered medical home model of care in their practices. TransforMED is an active member of primary care communities and recognizes and supports the unique value that primary care offers to patients and the health care system. TransforMED shares and supports the idealism and altruism of primary care physicians and the strong commitment to their communities and patients through continuing patient relationships and independent decision making. TransforMED offers practices both products and services, including consultation and advice on implementing the patient centered medical home model. To learn more about TransforMED, visit