Testimonial: Kisha Davis, MD, MPH

Family physician at Casey Health Institute, Gaithersburg, Md.

“Earlier this year, one of my patients who is uninsured came to an office visit ready to bash the health care reform law. She said something like, ‘I don't believe our government is doing this!’

"I told her, 'But you can get affordable insurance and in six months, all these tests that we're trying to get you, you will then be able to get. And these medicines you can't afford? You’ll be able to get them too.' Then, she just kind of stopped in her tracks like it had never crossed her mind that the Affordable Care Act could help her.

"Primary care physicians have a tremendous opportunity to share information with patients as the new health insurance marketplace opens. And when patients obtain information from their doctors, they really take it to heart. It takes all of the political stuff out of it and just says, 'Oh, this is something that could help me.'”