Testimonial: Wanda Filer, MD, MBA

Family physician in York, Pa., and member of the AAFP Board of Directors

“Last week, I took care of three uninsured patients who’d delayed vital medical care due to fears of cost: a man with a limb-threatening infection, an adult who’d had a severe heart attack that could have been avoided with preventive care, and a woman with abdominal pain who declined an ultrasound and labs. This is just a small sample of my patients who will benefit from coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

"My staff and I are talking to our patients about finding needed coverage through the new health insurance marketplaces. My patients have already expressed relief that they’ll have peace of mind about their health care.

"I care for many uninsured patients, as well as those with insurance. The differences in whether I can provide needed, health-sustaining care for my uninsured patients are astounding and very inconsistent with what I believe are America’s principles. Many of my patients have more than one job to make ends meet. Others don’t have dependable means of transportation, or they aren’t fully literate, especially when it comes to complicated health issues. However, they do have dreams and aspirations. They need and deserve affordable health care. I’m grateful the ACA will allow me to help them live healthier lives, be more productive, and continue to pursue their dreams. I’m proud to help my patients and my community to thrive.”