Testimonial: Ravi Grivois-Shah, MD, MPH

Family physician and medical director at Near North Health Services Corp, a non-profit federally qualified health center in Chicago

"More than half of my patients don't have insurance. They can't afford their medications, diagnostic studies or referrals. My patients forego their breathing inhalers and pain medications, and, due to their poor health and sickness, it is extremely difficult for them to seek out and maintain employment. They don’t check their sugar levels or go for diabetic eye exams, causing them to succumb to preventable complications of chronic disease.

"Thanks to the ACA, my patients will no longer fall through the cracks.

"The Medicaid expansion and new health insurance marketplace will help my patients find affordable coverage, enhancing their access to health care services. As a result, they will have better access to preventive health services, which not only will improve their quality of life, but also enable them to work, stay out of expensive emergency rooms, and stay healthier longer.”