Testimonial: Rebecca Jaffe, MD, MPH

Family physician in Wilmington, Del.

"Many of my patients ask me, ‘What do you think about Obamacare? Isn’t it going to cause you a lot more work and a lot less pay?’

"I explain that most of them have or will benefit from this piece of health care legislation. The Affordable Care Act is the first major piece of medical legislation since Medicare in the 1960s (a fact that surprises many of them). It was time that the wealthiest country in the world started taking care of its own citizens who were without health care coverage.

"No legislation is perfect, and there is much that is still unknown about the law and its interpretations. But 50 million people without health care benefits is a crime, and any of us could find ourselves in that kind of situation.

"Many of my patients who are between 20 and 25 years old would not have coverage without this legislation. And for middle-aged patients, the colonoscopy that is not only a pain to prep for, could also cause pain in the pocketbook. However, the ACA mandates coverage of this preventive, life-saving health screening without additional out-of-pocket costs to the patient.

"The time is ripe to do the right thing. We all need to work to find solutions and not just malign the unknown."