Testimonial: Marc Price, DO

Family physician in Mechanicville, N.Y.

"For many months now I have been receiving questions from my patients about the new health care marketplace. I am happy to discuss its potential benefits for them and their loved ones and direct them to resources that can help. As a full-time practicing family physician, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of affordable health care coverage for everyone. Now that insurance is required to cover preventive care at 100 percent, a tremendous benefit for everyone, I have already started to see more patients become interested and invested in improving their health by scheduling visits for preventive services and not just when they feel ill or have a problem. This preventive care will save patients a lot of time, money, and disability in the future.

"As part of my effort to help patients and others in my community, my practice will provide information, and be open to talking with patients about the new health insurance marketplace."