AAFP, Zipnosis Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide Virtual Care Solution for Family Physicians

April 3, 2018 -- LEAWOOD, Kan. and MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and virtual care technology leader Zipnosis today announced a strategic partnership to provide a virtual health care platform to the AAFP’s 129,000 members and their patients.

The virtual care platform provides an online diagnosis and treatment solution that will allow AAFP members to offer their patients convenient access to care by connecting them virtually with their family physician.

This strategic partnership stemmed from the results of a 2017 AAFP member survey designed to identify new programs and services. One of the clear themes that surfaced was the demand for a virtual care service that addresses the unique needs of family physicians.

“Patients today want quick and easy access to health care, but that convenience shouldn’t come at the cost of the relationship they have with their family physician,” said Steven Waldren, M.D., Director of the AAFP’s Alliance for eHealth Innovation. “Offering this new telemedicine platform gives our family physician members another tool through which they can care for patients.”

Virtual care is becoming a trusted and convenient solution for primary care physicians to address access challenges in health care. Family physician practices are uniquely suited to leverage the potential virtual solutions offered to supplement in-person care.

“We believe that ensuring family physicians can offer their patients the convenience and access of a virtual care service is critical to maximizing the value of local, personal care by embracing the benefits of today’s connected, digital world,” said Rebecca Hafner-Fogarty, M.D., senior vice president of policy and strategy at Zipnosis and a member of the AAFP.

The partnership between the AAFP and Zipnosis will give family physicians across the country access to a virtual care platform designed to meet their unique needs and those of their patients. The virtual care platform will offer online adaptive interview technology that allows the patient to provide symptom and health history information for diagnosis and treatment by their physician and real-time video consultations that enable the patient to remotely connect with their physician.

“Forward-thinking organizations such as the AAFP understand the importance of leveraging innovative technology to tackle the current challenges that family physicians and their patients face,” said Jon Pearce, CEO of Zipnosis. “By partnering with Zipnosis, they have the technology and resources to allow them to offer their members a virtual care solution that unlocks clinical capacity and improves patients’ access to care across the U.S.”

The AAFP will offer the virtual care platform to a select group of innovators as part of a pilot designed to help further tailor it to the specific needs of family physicians. The service will be available to all AAFP members later in 2018.

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