Joy in Practice

A patient-centered medical home model has been shown to improve health outcomes for patients at a lower cost to the health care system. But, what has it done for the physician?

PCMH innovations lead to Joy in Practice

A project from the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation( found that high-functioning primary care practices have put into place innovations that replace clinician burnout and patient dissatisfaction with joy in practice, improved patient care, and a better patient experience.

The innovations that freed physicians and clinicians from administrative duties, put them more in control of their work environment, and better organized their work include:

  • pre-visit planning
  • improved team communication through co-location
  • in-visit scribing for medical record documentation
  • expanding health care coaching, care coordination, and integrated behavioral health to non-physician members of the team
  • re-engineering prescription renewals

Practice Innovation Q&A

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