Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)
Faculty Advisors

FMIG faculty advisors support students interested in family medicine and help enhance awareness, education, and promotion of family medicine at their institutions. A faculty advisor's duties might include:

  • Helping students frame the primary mission of the FMIG
  • Suggesting new and topical ideas based on individual exposure to clinical practice and trends in family medicine
  • Serving as the liaison between the department of family medicine and the students
  • Encouraging leaders to contact partners in organizing FMIG activities
  • Helping students develop leadership skills
  • Remaining accessible to students

Faculty advisors can be family physicians who are full-time or volunteer faculty members of departments of family medicine, non-physician members of departments of family medicine, or family medicine residency program faculty members.

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News & Notes

Advisor Best Practices

Working with Schools and Departments

  • Establish an initial agreement with the department chair on the expectations and resources available for this position – e.g., funding to attend state Academy and AAFP national FMIG advisor meetings
  • Arrange protected time to attend student FMIG meetings
  • Establish open communication with the executive director of the state Academy about FMIG needs and activities
  • Establish open communication with the Dean’s office so that family medicine students will be chosen to participate on panels concerning specialty/residency choice
  • Maintain an awareness of school calendar and exam schedule to maximize attendance at FMIG events

Working with Student Leaders

  • Listen and give constructive feedback
  • Offer creative solutions to implement student ideas
  • Encourage peer mentoring among the students to assure and develop future leadership