Join a Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIG)

Find Your Fit in Family Medicine

Joining a Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) during medical school is an excellent way to explore the specialty of family medicine in an informal, educational, and fun setting!

In addition to meeting others interested in family medicine, FMIG members benefit from supplemental programming and information related to primary care that may not be available in medical school curriculum. FMIG members also learn about the history of family medicine and its future, and receive unique opportunities to practice a wide range of clinical skills and procedures important to the patient care that family physicians provide.

When you connect with the FMIG on your campus, you will:

Get to Know Family Medicine

<b>Get to Know Family Medicine</b>

Learn about what family physicians do and the diverse practice settings in which they work. Develop your skills in a wide variety of clinical procedures and practices at FMIG activities.

Grow Professionally & Personally

<b>Grow Professionally & Personally</b>

Get the scoop on conferences and meetings designed to help you succeed as a student and establish your career. Consider serving in FMIG leadership to build your CV.

Network with Peers & Faculty

<b>Network with Peers & Faculty</b>

Gather with others who share your passion for family medicine at FMIG meetings, and interact with experienced physicians who are ready to share their wisdom and experience with you.

Connect & Serve Your Community

<b>Connect & Serve Your Community</b>

Family medicine means community. FMIGs serve their communities and neighbors -- especially those in need -- in clinical and non-clinical settings.

Ready to get involved?

Join an FMIG and find your fit in family medicine! Determine your region below and click on your coordinator's name to learn more, including how to connect.

RegionRegional Coordinator
Region: #1 (Western)
Regional Coordinator: Hannah Smith
Region: #2 (Midwest)
Regional Coordinator: Brynn Wright
Region: #3 (Mid-Atlantic)
Regional Coordinator: Shelby Owens
Region: #4 (Northeast)
Regional Coordinator: Rebecca Stoll
Region: #5 (Southeast)
Regional Coordinator: Merkle Moore

Discover the FMIG Network

Family Medicine Interest Groups across the nation benefit from connecting with each other for idea sharing and inspiration.

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