Residency Program Solutions

To better reflect our mission, we've changed our name. Residency Assistance Program is now Residency Program Solutions.

Position Your Program for Excellence

Imagine this scenario:

It's time to demonstrate your program’s value. You know it's nothing personal. In today's climate, everyone needs to justify their existence.

But unlike previous meetings with your institution’s administrator, this one wasn't adversarial. You both agreed that the program is in great shape. Not only do the rest of the sponsoring hospital's administrators agree, she said, but the board does too.

She thanks for you for providing clear, convincing evidence or your program's value to the hospital and the surrounding community. And she complimented the consulting process that produced this information. She wished that all consultations would go as smoothly or be as cost-effective.

Seem far-fetched? Not necessarily. The key is in selecting the right consultant.

The Solution: Residency Program Solutions™

Residency Program Solutions from AAFP offers something different -- efficient and effective consultations that fit your program’s needs. Our consultants are experienced family medicine educators with years of success managing programs around the country. They can help you identify and adopt best practices that can transform your program.

The process is simple. You can review and choose from a list of commonly requested consults or customize your own. Most importantly, you'll get a report with recommendations you can actually use.

This level of expertise, customization and efficiency is unmatched by other consulting services.

A Different Type of Consulting Service

AAFP’s Residency Program Solutions is different from other consulting services. Since 1947, the AAFP has promoted the art and science of family medicine. And since 1975, Residency Program Solutions’ predecessor, the Residency Assistance Program, has offered consulting services to develop quality family medicine education and help programs demonstrate their value to sponsoring hospitals and their surrounding communities. Residency Program Solutions consultants are helping programs commit to achieving sustainable excellence and develop new educational programs that prepare residents for family medicine’s future.

Residency Program Solutions consultants bring this long history to your program. Benefits include:

  • Quality consulting from physicians with extensive experience in family medicine education
  • Comprehensive, customized reports
  • Efficient processes that deliver maximum targeted results

Contact Us

Set your program on the path for excellence. Schedule a consultation today. Contact Maurine Kierl, RPS Manager, at:

Phone: (800) 274-2237, ext. 6706
Fax: (913) 906-6084

“Our consultant took the time and effort to address our residency program comprehensively, far exceeding our original expectations. His comprehensive report and his meetings with our hospital’s senior administration led to a meeting and a shared agreement to implement every recommendation.”

— Previous Customer

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