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Position Your Family Medicine Residency Program for Excellence

The AAFP’s Residency Program Solutions (RPS) offers your program much more than a to-do list.

A group of experienced family medicine residency professionals delivers customized consultation services to address your program’s needs. If you want a fresh look at how your program is doing or address potential issues you may face, RPS is the go-to service to help you keep pace with changes in the GME environment and position your program for excellence.

In addition, the RPS Criteria for Excellence, an industry-leading publication outlining best practices and policies in residency education is now available in digital format. It is a set of aspirational guidelines used in RPS consultations representing the collective wisdom of RPS consultants. This edition includes a Self-Assessment Tool to help stimulate questions, initiate conversations with key stakeholders, and become part of a process of continuous improvement for program leaders.

Residency Program Solutions will help you to:

Receive Guidance from Family Medicine Residency Experts

Gather valuable insights from an esteemed group of family medicine residency program experts­–with decades of collective experience–who have your program’s best interests in mind.

Achieve and Maintain Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance

The ever-changing requirements in medical education accreditation and regulation can be difficult to navigate. Experienced RPS staff can help identify current or potential gaps to ensure your program’s success.

Attract and Retain High-Quality Residents and Faculty

What sets your residency program apart? Learn strength-emphasizing strategies from seasoned professionals. Position your program to consistently recruit and retain high-quality residents and expert faculty.

Establish Your Program's

You know your residency program is valuable, but does everyone else? RPS provides expert guidance to communicate your program’s financial worth to your institution and community.

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