• foresee medical


    Perfect Your Risk Adjustment Scoring with Artificial Intelligence

    For family physicians seeking success in the evolution of value-based care delivery models, ForeSee Medical is a specialized software platform designed to perfect HCC risk adjustment scoring and increase the profitability of your Medicare risk contracts. 

    Our disease detection algorithms and machine learned natural language processing rationalize your patient data across the healthcare system. Using artificial intelligence (AI), we discover diseases from text notes (PDF) and EHR data you already have. Then empower you with insightful HCC risk adjustment support at the point of care, integrated seamlessly with your EHR.

    Save Time and Money
    Get it Right the First Time

    Prospective decision support and retrospective review options ensure your Medicare risk adjustment coding is evidence-based and accurate. Improve your compliance, reduce work during sweep timeframes, and eliminate clerical bottlenecks by coding correctly at the point of care. Make life easier with clinical decision support at the time of the encounter, or before. Because it always feels great to do something right the first time.

    Keep It Simple
    Works the Way You Think

    We know you think in terms of disease and not codes or risk adjustment categories, so our proprietary disease detection algorithm thinks the same way. Once a disease is detected, the coding and RAF scoring is easy. You get the recommended code for the disease and our HCC coding tool matches it to the risk adjustment category for scoring. 

    It's All Yours
    Designed the Way You Want

    Developed by physicians just like you, ForeSee ESP is cloud-based, designed to work on any device, and integrate seamlessly with your EHR. Simplify confusing codes and process your patient data in just about any format, including the latest FHIR APIs. Get decision support and track the evidence back to the patient chart, including data extracted from text (PDF) notes. All presented in a streamlined, easy to understand format.