• Chronic Care Management Simplified

    Software solution that makes it easy for physicians and their clinical staff to implement Medicare value-based care programs such as Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Behavioral Health Integration, etc.

    Increase office revenue by completing value-based care codes with “incident-to” billing. This transforms support staff into revenue-generating staff.

    The average family practice physician has 200 eligible patients.
    Multiple value-based care codes can be billed concurrently.

    Use only two codes per patient per month and the practice can generate an estimated additional annual revenue of $225,000.

    For more information call (888) 494-3949 or email info@mediccm.com.

    Five Reasons to Use MediCCM

    1. Cost Effective

    Running an in-house CCM program requires additional staffing to operate. MediCCM automates many of the tasks your staff would otherwise complete manually, meaning you don’t have to pay for extra staff. With the AAFP discount, MediCCM is a fraction of the cost of other CCM companies.

    2. Easy to Use

    Easy interface is based on real clinical needs and provides a web-based portal accessible by both patients and physicians. These include:

    • Disease specific care plans, auto-generated from ICD10 codes
    • Generated goals, interventions and outcomes
    • Physician attestation to care plans and collaborative care provided via app

    3. Standardizes and Improves Patient Care

    MediCCM does more than simply track time. MediCCM does much more. MediCCM’s innovative software is the only CCM software with built-in evidence, and best-practice based patient education and matched paper tools. 

    4. Adds Value to Value-Based Care

    Increase Direct Revenue

    • Automatically track and bill more codes
    • Chronic Care Management
    • Remote Patient Monitoring
    • Behavioral Health Integration
    • Annual Wellness Visits
    • Transitional Care Management

    Increase Indirect Revenue

    • Track quality metrics to increase Medicare reimbursement
    • MIPS improvement activities
    • MACRA quality measures
    • Pre-visit Planning
    • Risk Mitigation

    5. Provides "Medicare Audit Safe" Documentation

    Discrete guided documentation allows for reports and required CCM scope of service elements.