• Public Health Award

    The AAFP's Public Health Award recognizes important contributions family physicians make to improving community health at the national, state, or local levels.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has made public health work more important than ever before. Family physicians - on the front line since the beginning - are addressing the serious impacts of the pandemic in their communities. This is essential to creating community-oriented primary care practices that promote access and equity. It's no accident that we launch the award during National Minority Health Month and Public Health Week in April. 

    Strong nominees include members who:

    • Have a career dedicated to leadership in a traditional public health organization (local or state health department, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health foundations, etc.), or

    • Have gone beyond their patient care responsiblities to advocate for the health of the public, engage their community, or provide leadership to help resolve major public health issues or epidemics, or

    • Work to enhance health equity, and promote diversity and inclusion, or

    • Work to achieve the “triple aim” (improving the health of populations, improving patient experience, and reducing per capita costs).

    Selection Criteria

    The AAFP is looking for members who went above and beyond their typical job responsibilities, and demonstrated leadership, innovation, and advocacy to improve patient and community health. To be considered, applicants must:

    1. Be a current member of the AAFP.
    2. Submit a complete nomination form (self-nominations are welcome) that describes the nominee’s contribution to at least one of the four described areas.
    3. Submit a letter of support from their AAFP chapter.


    Application Requirements

    What You Need

    The nomination packet must contain the following:

    1. Nomination Form (download and save to your desktop to complete)
    2. Separate sheet documenting nominee’s public health leadership with clear examples
    3. Physician’s curriculum vitae
    4. Letter of endorsement from the physician’s chapter


    How to Submit

    Email nominations, along with supporting documents, to:

    American Academy of Family Physicians
    Attn: Michael Monroe 
    Email: mmonroe@aafp.org
    Questions? 913-906-6252


    Judging Process

    The winner is selected by a panel of the executive committee of the Commission on Health of the Public and Science. If there is no clear winner, the top five nominees will be resubmitted to the judges. A final ranking of the top five will determine the winner.