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Physician Health First

Your health before all else.

It's time to put your health first. By prioritizing your well-being you can help reverse the trend toward physician burnout and stay passionate about your purpose: quality patient care.
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The AAFP Physician Health First initiative is made possible by your generous contributions to the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation

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My Well-being Resources

Start your well-being journey: Use the tabs below to select topics.


Physician Culture
Physician Mental Health and Suicide

Why physicians are at higher risk of suicide and how to combat the mental health stigma in medicine.

Create a Thriving Practice Culture

Free CME: 1.25 AAFP Prescribed credits

How to intentionally design a culture that promotes joy in practice.

How Burnout Impacts Well-being

Free CME: 0.75 AAFP Prescribed credits

Why are WE here? The causes of physician burnout and effects on well-being.

Surviving vs. Thriving

Take steps to reposition yourself on the well-being continuum.

Creating a Culture of Intrinsic Motivation

Understand how to encourage intrinsic motivation through purpose, mastery, and autonomy.

-- FPM Journal

Burnout and Women in Medicine

Why burnout hits female physicians harder.

Creating a Culture of Well-being in Your Practice

How to design a thriving practice culture.

-- FPM Journal

Part 3: A Thriving Practice Culture

Develop supportive relationships at work to create a positive practice culture.

Part 2: A Thriving Practice Culture

When it comes to practice culture, your mindset matters.

Are We Being Primed for Burnout?

How medical training institutionalizes norms that contribute to physician burnout.


-- NEJM Catalyst

Bad TV

When pop culture perpetuates the culture of shame in medicine.


-- AAFP News: Fresh Perspectives

Building Resilience

Suggestions for a systems approach to preventing burnout.


-- AAFP News: Leader Voices

Part 1: A Thriving Practice Culture

Discover how physicians can be the catalyst for change in their practice.

It's OK to Be Vulnerable

Dealing with the emotional burden of medicine.

— FPM Journal

Q+A: Finding Strength in Faith

During challenging times, rely on faith and family.


Change Your Mindset

Discover techniques to support your own well-being. 

Surviving Training

Residents and students: Get the support you need. 

Stronger Together

Stuck on lather, rinse, repeat? Reclaim your purpose and disrupt the system.




To Err Is Human

Rethinking our perception of perfection may lead to better patient outcomes. 




Q+A: Tackle the Problem Head-on

Hear from one resident who created a medical student program to combat burnout.

— AAFP News

Compassion in Action

The Schwartz Center aims to improve health care delivery by improving support for care providers.

NAM Action Collaborative

More than 130 organizations are committed to reversing burnout.

The AAFP Physician Health First initiative is devoted to improving the well-being and professional satisfaction of family physicians. The initiative takes a holistic approach by recognizing and addressing the key causes of physician burnout at every level of the family physician ecosystem, including the hectic U.S. health care system, the organizations where family physicians work, their practice environment, their individual well-being, and the physician culture that often encourages self-sacrifice over self-care.  Learn more

If you are having suicidal thoughts and need emergency help, call 911 or (800) 273-8255 immediately.