Develop Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills for Non-leaders

Physician Leadership - Closing the Gender Gap

Free CME: 1 AAFP Prescribed credits

Examine the factors of gender gap within the medical profession, apply strategies to reduct those gaps.

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Leadership - Closing the Gender Gap

Free CME: 1 AAFP Prescribed credits

Examine the factors of gender gap, apply strategies to reduce those gaps. 

Reducing the Drivers of Burnout

Free CME: 1.5 AAFP Prescribed credits

How to use the principles of Lean transformation to reduce burnout.

Preventing Burnout in Employed Physicians

Employers must play an active role in preventing physician burnout.

-- AAFP News: Fresh Perspectives

Share Your Experience

Mentor someone to improve your own well-being.

Five Leadership Habits to Embrace

Skills to help you lead even if you are not in a formal leadership role.

Physician Leadership

Reignite your passion for family medicine. 

You Don't Need a Title to Lead

Opportunities to lead are everywhere. Lead from where you are.

-- AAFP News: Fresh Perspectives

Humility and Leadership

How to keep ego from getting in the way of effective teamwork.

-- FPM Journal

It's Not Enough to Focus on Burnout

Creating joy in practice can improve patient experience and help physicians find meaning.

-- Journal of Healthcare Management

AAFP Leadership Conference

Attend this can't-miss experience for all leaders.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

Connect with peers and find opportunities to enhance your leadership skills.

Lead Up in Your Organization

Build influence to be more effective.


— FPM Journal

Women in Family Medicine

Are you ready to #inspirecreatelead?

Organizational Strategies to Tackle Burnout

Details from Mayo Clinic Proceedings

The AAFP Physician Health First initiative is devoted to improving the well-being and professional satisfaction of family physicians. The initiative addresses the key causes of physician burnout, including the hectic U.S. health care system, the organizations where family physicians work, their practice environment, their individual well-being, and the physician culture that often encourages self-sacrifice over self-care. Learn more

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