Series: A Thriving Practice Culture

Part 2: Find a Touchstone

Many family physicians report that they struggle to maintain a positive mindset. And while it’s tempting to relegate inner work to the back seat, it turns out that mindset matters. In a practice, attitude—especially physician attitude—is contagious. “Physicians can either be a ballast for the negative or a catalyst for positive change,” says Greenawald.

If you want to act and feel more positive overall, it can help to find a person or habit that helps you maintain perspective about your life and work. For example, you might establish a gratitude practice, write a personal vision/mission statement (and revisit it often), explore meditation, or regularly share with a trusted friend or colleague. Whatever you choose, the ultimate goal is to regularly remind yourself of what you value in life so that you can more easily connect to those things, especially during difficult times.

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