Advocate for Family Medicine

Interested in improving health care policy?

Educate legislators in favor of patient and practice health.

Advance family medicine—on your schedule

Unite for family medicine. Join the Family Physician Action Network.

Join with other family physicians to organize, discuss, and influence policies in Washington, D.C. Designed specifically for family physicians, the Network allows you to be the difference on your terms, on your schedule. Choose your level of involvement. Sign a petition, participate in the social media center, view Network updates, be a part of your online community, or meet with a member of Congress—the choice is yours. Grassroots advocacy does make a difference. Utilizing strength in numbers, family medicine’s voice can be heard by Congress. Join now.

Fight for family medicine in the nation’s capital  

Join the fight for family medicine in Washington, DC. Attend the annual Family Medicine Advocacy Summit.

Learn about the legislative issues facing family medicine and best practices for lobbying. The summit provides an opportunity to share your experience in family medicine—in your own voice—with your Representatives and Senators.

Network around your advocacy interests

Find your community. Join the single payer health care member interest group (MIG).

Connect with others who share your advocacy goals in the single payer health care MIG. Advocate for and educate AAFP members on single payer financed health care as a way to streamline and simplify patient care and improve family physicians' professional satisfaction by greatly decreasing administrative complexities and burdens.