Establish Healthy Eating Habits

As a busy physician with a packed work schedule, it can be challenging to prioritize healthy eating over, say, the pile of paperwork on your desk or the patient in the next room. We've all subsisted on coffee, hit up the fast food joint down the road, or reached for comfort foods in times of stress. But if your overall eating patterns are trending toward unhealthy, consider the following resources to help you evaluate your habits and make healthier choices.

Improve Your Eating Habits

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention details a process for improving your eating habits.

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Healthy Eating in a Busy Day

The Chopra Center provides seven tips for prioritizing healthy eating, even when you're busy.

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Mobile Apps for Healthy Habits

FPM Journal offers four mobile apps can help you reinforce healthy lifestyle changes.

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A Focus on Mindful Eating

Rooted in the concept of mindfulness, "mindful eating" offers an alternative to the distracted, unconscious consumption of food that can lead to poor food choices and overeating. The practice encourages you to focus your attention on your food—its aromas, flavors, and textures—and cultivate awareness of your eating habits so that you can establish an overall healthier relationship to food. Learn how to start your practice.

The Am I Hungry? Website

The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs teach you the basics of mindful eating, customized to your needs.

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The Center for Mindful Eating

Learn the principles of mindful eating from the Center for Mindful Eating.