Reconnecting With Your Purpose

Watch physician well-being advocate Cliff Knight, MD, FAAFP, interview Amaryllis Sanchez Wohlever, MD, a family physician, author, and physician wellness coach in Orlando, FL. Wohlever is also a speaker at the AAFP Physician Health and Well-being Conference. In this short video interview, she talks about her experience with professional burnout and how she was able to reconnect with her purpose to help colleagues rediscover the joy of practicing medicine.

Video Highlights

  • After experiencing professional burnout herself, Wohlever took a break from practicing medicine and set aside time for self reflexion.
  • Wohlever believes that physicians who know themselves well do better in caring for their own well-being. Investing time in self awareness, setting boundaries, and ensuring that you can be yourself with your team can help you find joy in practice.
  • Wohlever believes the EHR is just one of the barriers to putting the patient-physician relationship in the center of health care. Making this relationship central can help you get back to the roots of why you first chose a career in medicine.
  • Physicians are leaders, says Wohlever. With loss of autonomy in medicine, physicians often feel like they cannot lead, and this may cause them to disengage and burn out.
  • To regain a sense of purpose and meaning, Wohelever suggests that physicians advocate for their own needs, patient safety, and high standards of care.
  • The first step is to consider where you are now and why you chose a career in medicine. Wohlever's advice is to take time to learn more about yourself and your needs, so you can take the right steps to care for your own well-being.

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