Simple Steps to Improving Well-being

Watch physician well-being advocate Cliff Knight, MD, FAAFP, AAFP Senior Vice-President for Education, as he interviews author and wellness advocate Deepak Chopra, MD. Knight and Chopra discuss simple steps to take each day to reduce stress and improve well-being.   

Nov 2017, "Simple Steps to Improving Well-Being", Clif Knight & Deepak Chopra

Conversation Highlights

  • You can't feel gratitude and hostility at the same time, says Chopra. Intentional gratitude shifts your attention from resentments, grievances, anger, and fear.
  • According to Chopra, intentional gratitude can immediately shift your biology to go from high cortisol and adrenaline levels to flood your system with serotonin and dopamine opiates, and a peptide identified as anandamide, which correlates with feelings of joy and happiness.
  • Using simple tools, such as breathing exercises and making sure you stay socially connected with others each day can help relieve stress and improve overall health.
  • Work-life balance involves prioritizing and being disciplined. Scheduling time to do the things that are important to well-being can help physicians achieve more balance each day.

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