Primary + Your CME and Professional Portfolio

Use this AAFP member benefit—during each stage of your education and career—to report CME, log procedures, keep up with professional requirements, and more.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, immediate changes to CME requirements and member dues have been put in place. We hope this gives you one less thing to worry about as you continue to focus on your patients.

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CME Reporter

Record Your CME

AAFP members’ most-valued service–CME Reporter–is now even better. The updated tool offers a robust search function that allows users to simply type in basic information about a CME activity such as the title, provider, or the location. The tool will then take care of the rest.

Procedure Tracker

Log Your Experience

The newest AAFP member benefit (developed per member request) is the Procedure Tracker. Use this service to log clinical procedures, when and where they were performed, and add additional relevant notes. A printable summary of the procedure log is available for hospital or institution privileging documentation.

Requirements Planner

Stay on Track

Tell us your requirements and we'll help you find CME activities to meet them. Identify the state(s) in which you are licensed or specify other CME requirements you have for your hospital, state licensing board, etc. The Requirements Planner will then scan your CME Reporter transcript and inform you of reported CME that could possibly satisfy those requirements.