• Report CME and Log Clinical Procedures

    Use this member benefit during each stage of your education and career.

    CME Reporter

    Record Your CME

    AAFP members’ most-valued service–CME Reporter–is now even better. The updated tool offers a robust search function that allows users to simply type in basic information about a CME activity such as the title, provider, or the location. The tool will take care of the rest.

    Procedure Tracker

    Log Your Experience

    Use this AAFP member benefit (developed per member request) to log clinical procedures, when and where they were performed, and add additional relevant notes. A printable summary of the procedure log is available for hospital or institution privileging documentation.

    AAFP’s Procedure Tracker tool will be shut down on May 31, 2024. Please access the Procedure Tracker to review your history and download copies of your AAFP Procedure Tracker Summary reports you may need for documentation.