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AAFP member forums let you share ideas, news, and concerns with your peers.  Join a general member discussion, or dive in to the topics that interest you.

NOTE: As a first-time visitor, you will be asked to affirm a Code of Conduct prior to community access.

Updated Discussion Forums

We have redesigned our discussion forums. Here’s a quick overview of some of the new features you can expect: 

  • Enhanced discussion capabilities. Now you’ll receive emails that are more structured and easier to read than a traditional listserv or forum alert. 
  • Improved Member Directory search.  You can find members by name, location, medical school, and more. 
  • Granular privacy controls.  You can have complete control over what information you share with members of the community and your contacts. 
  • Centralized subscription management. You can manage your subscriptions to all member interest groups and discussion forums in one place.  Choose to receive daily digests or real-time emails by group. 
  • Resource sharing.  All attachments posted to discussions are archived in a dedicated Resource Library.  You can also add documents to share anytime you want.