Member Interest Groups (MIGs)

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) is committed to giving all members a voice within our increasingly diverse organization. Member interest groups (MIGs) were created as a way to define, recognize, and support AAFP members with shared professional interests. 

What are MIGs?

MIGs provide a forum for AAFP members with shared professional interests. Group members have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Network with fellow AAFP members
  • Participate in interest-specific continuing professional development activities
  • Deliver a unified message to AAFP leadership
  • Suggest AAFP policy
  • Provide input on AAFP policies and positions (upon request)
  • Pursue professional leadership development within the AAFP
  • Connect to existing AAFP resources
  • Meet face-to-face at AAFP Family Medicine Experience (formerly AAFP Assembly)
  • Participate in an online community forum for discussion and idea-sharing

Connect with a Member Interest Group (MIG)

Learn about objectives and long-term goals for each AAFP MIG, or join a group. Each group offers an online community for connection and conversation.

Note: As a first-time visitor to an online community, you will be asked to affirm a Code of Conduct prior to access.

Academic Mentorship MIG

Foster mentorship, collaboration, communication, and support among AAFP members with careers and interests in academic family medicine.

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Adolescent Health

Foster collaboration, communication, and support among family physicians engaged in adolescent health. Strengthen the perception and integration of family medicine into the larger adolescent health discipline.

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Breastfeeding Medicine MIG

Enhance AAFP member knowledge of breastfeeding medicine and provide ongoing support for AAFP members taking care of breastfeeding families.

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Climate Change and Environmental Health MIG

Increase the understanding of family physicians about the health harms of climate change and environmental degradation and the health benefits of climate solutions and environmental justice.  

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Direct Primary Care

Increase awareness of the DPC model among family physicians and advocate for AAFP members who are currently practicing in this model or anticipate transitioning to it. Create resources, education, and a supportive community within the AAFP for physicians interested in direct care relationships with patients.

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Emergency Medicine / Urgent Care MIG

Promote workforce policies, educational goals, and credentialing standards that are consistent with the AAFP policy on family physicians in emergency medicine.

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Employed Physician MIG

To serve as a resource for employed physicians by promoting discussion on issues relevant to physicians who are employed by physician groups or hospital systems.

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EMR Optimization MIG

To support the AAFP in identifying emerging technologies to improve human interactions in the exam room and provide feedback on current and future EMR changes.

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Global Health

Foster support for AAFP member interest in global health activities, networking, and collaboration. Facilitate professional development in the area of global health and opportunities for engagement in the broader global health movement.

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Hospital Medicine

Serve as a voice for family physicians that practice hospital medicine. Advocate for educational resources specific to hospital medicine.

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Independent Solo /
Small Group Practice MIG

Represent the interests of AAFP members who practice in independent solo and small group practices. Advocate policies that enable independent solo and small group practices to deliver the highest quality of care while remaining financially viable.

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Intimate Partner Violence MIG

Advocate for IPV awareness on local, state and national levels to support advocacy, education, and public health measures that address IPV issues.

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Lifestyle Medicine

Increase networking opportunities for members who have a passion to improve health through the focus on healthy lifestyle and foster communication and dialogue on debates in nutrition, fitness and other self-care areas. 

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Promote evidence-based practice in obstetrics and maternity care and help AAFP members integrate comprehensive maternity health care into their practices.

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Oral Health

Increase awareness of oral health resources for AAFP members so that they might serve their patients better and improve their overall wellness. Provide AAFP members with oral health resources that can be used with patients at point of care.

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Physicians for Life MIG

To provide a forum for pro-life members to collaborate and advance the education of members on beginning and end of life issues within the AAFP.

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Ultrasound MIG

Work to improve access to education and resources to help incorporate Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) into family physicians' practices and advocate for related education in medical school and family medicine graduate medical education.

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Reproductive Health Care MIG

The Reproductive Health Care MIG aims to help AAFP members integrate comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion and miscarriage management, into their practices and promote evidence-based reproductive health care in family medicine.

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Rural Health

Grow connections among American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) members with a distinct interest in rural health, inclusive of rural practice topics and rural medical education issues related to producing family physicians prepared for rural practice. 

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Single Payer Health Care MIG

Investigate the current outlook on single payer financed health care among AAFP members. Educate AAFP members on the ability of single payer financed health care to streamline and simplify patient care and improve family physicians' professional satisfaction by greatly decreasing administrative complexities and burdens.

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Provide education and support for the family medicine community on the many facets of Telehealth with a view toward enriching the practice of medicine and patient care. Better understand the views of AAFP members on Telehealth and identify questions, areas of concern, topics of interest, and create a forum for research, review, and discussion.

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How to Create a New Member Interest Group

Applications to create a member interest group must be submitted to the AAFP’s Commission on Membership and Member Services (CMMS).

The CMMS uses the following criteria  when reviewing a member interest group application:

  • Focus is consistent with the AAFP's definition of a MIG (i.e., a forum of AAFP active members who have shared professional interests).
  • Furthers the AAFP's strategic objectives.
  • Does not duplicate groups represented by the current Board-approved member constituencies.
  • Membership is not limited by geography or employment by a single entity.
  • Does not duplicate chapters or membership categories that currently exist.
  • Does not substantially overlap the goals and objectives of any existing MIG.
  • Conflicts of interest for the MIG officers have been disclosed and there are no significant conflicts.


If all criteria are met, the CMMS may recommend that the AAFP Board of Directors approve establishment of the proposed member interest group.

Create a New Member Interest Group

Complete and return the Member Interest Group application form.