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Familydoctor.org is the AAFP’s award-winning consumer website, featuring family physician-reviewed patient education materials about the physical, mental, and emotional health of the whole family. 

Patients trust familydoctor.org for quick, reliable answers to their basic health care questions. Visitors come from a variety of backgrounds and education levels, so the site's content is offered in both English and Spanish, and written at a sixth-grade reading level.

We're now offering AAFP members the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to our patient education offering by authoring familydoctor.org articles.

Opportunity available for AAFP members

NEW: Commentary Style Articles

These story-based articles will show the full scope of health care provided by family physicians. Authors are asked to provide specific patient care examples that may include:

  • Clinical diagnosis and how a patient presented
  • Counseling techniques and/or treatment options used
  • Description of improved outcomes
  • Critical role of the patient-physician relationship in health care
  • Additional information important for patients and/or parents and caregivers to know

The article should offer an anecdotal narrative about the interaction with a patient around a health condition featured on the website. The first article in this style has gone live, view this article as an example(familydoctor.org).

Interested in writing?

Qualifications for writing

You must be an active or resident member in good standing who has completed at least one of these items: 

  • Published a medical or public health article
  • Spoken at a conference on medical or public health topic
  • Participated on panel for a medical or public health topic
  • Written for an AAFP blog

Alternative options for Resident members include:

  • Research work
  • Case study
  • Proof for presenting at grand rounds

Ready to be an author?

1. Download and complete the
     Credentialing Form(97 KB PDF).

2. Submit your completed form via email to


Writing and Review Process


Credentialing form

Author submission of credentialing form(97 KB PDF).


Response from AAFP

AAFP review of credentialing form (two weeks).


Provide Forms

AAFP response to author regarding approval. Upon approval, AAFP team will provide:

  1. Topic options to write on and content guidelines.
  2. Remaining forms for author's completion (author bio form and author submission form).

Author to complete

Author completion and submission of article and remaining forms.


AAFP Review Content

AAFP review and editing of article (two weeks).


Medical Board Review

AAFP submission of article to Medical Review Board for review and edits (two weeks).


Article Revised

AAFP provision of revised version to author.