• Member Re-election Cycles

    What is re-election?

    • Active members are required to report 150 credits of CME every three calendar years as a condition of continued membership. This is called a re-election cycle.
      • For those members in their first re-election cycle, the cycle is four years: the year they became Active and the next three full calendar years.
    • In order to be eligible for re-election, members must earn the required CME credits within the re-election cycle.
    • Once members have met the CME requirement, they are “re-elected” to AAFP membership. If re-election requirements are not met, membership is canceled.

    How do I know what my re-election cycle is?

    I have more CME credits than I need for this cycle. Can I carry them over to the next cycle?

    The credits must be recorded in the year in which they were completed.

    I have over 150 CME credits on record but my re-election status says I need more. Why?

    This could be for any of five reasons:

    1. You have not reported the minimum requirement of 75 Prescribed credits.
    2. It is possible you have exceeded the maximum limits of:
      • Professional enrichment (limited to 25 credits during a three-year re-election cycle)
      • Teaching health professions (limited to 60 AAFP Prescribed credits during a three-year re-election cycle)
      • Advanced training (limited to 25 credits during a three-year re-election cycle)
      • ABFM or AOA Certification (limited to 25 credits during a three-year re-election cycle)
      • Scholarly Activities (limited to 100 credits during a three-year re-election cycle)
    3. You have not reported the minimum credits required by your chapter (check with your chapter for more information).
    4. The 150 credits are not within your re-election cycle.

    If I don't have the 150 credits, can I receive an extension?

    The Bylaws do not allow for an extension to earn CME credit.

    If you are concerned that you may not have the CME requirements, contact us at (800) 274-2237 or at aafp@aafp.org. We can assist you in getting your CME recorded. In many cases, after speaking with one of our Member Resource Center specialists, our members find they have more CME than they thought.

    Is there a due date to earn CME credit?

    Yes. CME must be earned by December 31 of the year your re-election cycle ends.

    Does the AAFP require evidence-based CME?

    Evidence-based CME is not a requirement of membership.