Do More as an AAFP Resident Member

As a family physician, you do it all — seeing a diverse patient panel and treating a variety of medical issues. You are a superhero in a white coat. That's why the AAFP wants to make it easier for you to do more. Benefit from:

  • Directories of family residency programs and fellowships
  • Board Review practice questions
  • Clinical resources and tools
  • Member interest groups
  • Career resources
  • And much more

"What I love most about the AAFP is the welcoming and inclusive nature from all its leaders, and the infectious energy to tirelessly work to improve health and healthcare delivery for family medicine doctors throughout the nation."

— Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, MD, Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center

Join as a Resident Member

Term of Membership:
Upon completion of residency or extended training, the member is transferred to active category.

National AAFP Dues:
$30.00 annual dues (July 1 to June 30)

Chapter/Local Dues:
Vary by Chapter


  • Physicians training in ACGME-accredited three-year FP residencies. 
  • Physicians training in AOA-approved rotating general or FP internships and AOA-approved general or FP residencies. 
  • Graduates of ACGME or AOA FP residencies immediately extending training or entering fellowships.  


  • May vote and have floor at Congress of Delegates. May hold constituent chapter office and national committee appointments.  

General Membership Information

  • Applications are approved at the national level, subject to AAFP Bylaws.
  • National headquarters completes enrollment. Transfers from one classification to another must be approved by the chapter.
  • If all membership requirements are met, membership is continued on an annual basis, unless notification is received from the member. 


AAFP membership is unified, which means that members are required to belong to the national AAFP and to their appropriate chapter. The AAFP has a chapter for each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Uniformed Services, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Members are also required to belong to a local chapter, if one exists in their area.

Chapter membership makes it convenient for AAFP members to access relevant information and focused resources right where they live and work. Chapters offer local and regional opportunities to network, mentor, volunteer, take a leadership role, and get involved in the AAFP.

Continuing Study Requirements

Active members with a CME requirement must accrue and report, within each re-election term, a minimum of 150 credits of approved CME of which at least 75 credits must be AAFP prescribed credit and 25 credits must be live activities.

Join as a Resident Member

Term of Membership: Upon completion of residency or extended training, the member is transferred to active category.

National AAFP Dues: $30.00 annual dues (July 1 to June 30)

Chapter/Local Dues: Vary by Chapter