• Take a Moment to Celebrate You

    Each day, you demonstrate leadership, dedication, and commitment in your practice. At AAFP, we are proud of the work of our physicians, and we believe you should be proud of it, too. Celebrate all you do by applying for the Fellow of the AAFP (FAAFP).

    The Degree of Fellow recognizes those AAFP members who have gone the extra mile and distinguished themselves within their communities and practices. They:

    • Advance healthcare availability
    • Make time for professional development
    • Improve skills through education and research

    Let us reward you for making family medicine your life’s work.


    First, one of the following must apply to you:

    • AAFP Active member
    • AAFP Life member
    • Inactive, but held either resident or active membership for a total of six years

    Second, you need to accrue 100 points, as defined by the Degree of Fellow application.

    Start Documenting Early

    Accomplishments in medicine begin in residency. Record as you go. By the time you leave residency as an AAFP member, you could be half-way to satisfying the 100-point requirement for applying for the Degree of Fellow. 

    As a resident, you participate and engage in your community, conduct research, and advocate for your patients and your specialty.  Document your activities in the application and sign up to receive a notification when you’re eligible to apply.