AAFP Membership at a Glance

Each year, the AAFP surveys its members to find out who you are and what is important to you about being an AAFP member. The following is a glance at you, your priorities, and what the AAFP is doing to fight for you.

Membership Satisfaction Survey

Where’s the party?

The AAFP continues to be the party to be at for family physicians. Our total membership has grown for 12 consecutive years, with more than 134,000 total members and 72,000 active members in 2019. During those 12 years, the AAFP has increased its membership by more than 41,000 total members and 11,000 active members.

Who are you?

Among AAFP active members:

  • Majority are employed physicians (71%), followed by partial owners (15%) and solo owners (11%)
  • Roughly half are male (55%) and half are female (45%)
  • Physicians who are one-to-seven years out of residency make up a quarter of members (25%)

What do you want?

When asked what the top priorities should be for the AAFP, members were clear that the AAFP should advocate for: a simpler administrative system, increased payment, and protection of family physicians’ interest that values their education and training.

How are we doing?

The AAFP realizes you spend hard-earned dollars on your membership. That’s why we strive to give you the best value and aim to always improve your experience. Member satisfaction (71%) and the importance of an AAFP membership (79%) are both up during the past three years of the AAFP Membership Satisfaction Survey.

What is the AAFP doing to help you?

We’re fighting for you. Every day. While 52% of members think the AAFP is influential in advocating for their needs, we want this number up. We’re listening to your concerns and speaking with a collective family medicine voice. One example to communicate our efforts is the AAFP’s Fighting for Family Medicine e-newsletter, which helps you stay informed about how the AAFP is advocating for your specialty. Look for it bi-weekly in your inbox.

Want to Get More Involved?

If you’d like to become even more informed and active in the fight, join our Family Medicine Action Network, the AAFP’s initiative to help you engage and impact public policy. It includes a community of family physicians affecting change in public policy, as well as tips to communicate with policymakers and on social media. Sign up today to become part of the AAFP’s Family Medicine Action Network.

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