Powering Your Career

Powering Your Career

Use Primary+® to report CME, log procedures, and track professional requirements.

Join a member interest group to interact in face-to-face meetings or in online communities. 

Participate in your chapter activities to put faces to names and gain leadership experience.

Discover tools and resources to increase payment and enhance patient care.

Stay updated on the latest evidence-based recommendations to diagnose, assess, and screen your patients. 

Refresh your knowledge with current evidence-based recommendations and guideline topics.

Stay current on clinical issues with our CME in formats that work for you—live, online, or self-study options available. 

Prep for your exam with more than 1,300 free Board-style questions that reflect the exam's blueprint categories.

Access powerful features and put valuable point-of-care tools and resources right at your fingertips.

Get great deals and discounts on valuable products and services for your personal, practice, and financial life.