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  • New Physicians

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    • Physician Burnout

      Access articles and organizations selected by the American Academy of Family Physicians to help you identify and prevent physician burnout.

    • AAFP CareerLink

      AAFP CareerLink is an information exchange between physicians and other family medicine educators seeking a position and "opportunities" -- including physicians, communities, hospitals, faculty programs, and others who are seeking candidates to join their organization.

    • The Physician Reentry into the Workforce Project

      Web site provides information regarding physician reentry into practice -- an issue that cuts across genders and specialties.

    • Family Practice Management Archives

      Online anthology of articles for residents and new-to-practice physicians.

    • Future of Family Medicine

      Learn more about the Future of Family Medicine project. View the project's final report or the Task Force Six Report on Financing the New Model of Family Medicine and participate in an online discussion of the report.