• Student Liaison to the Latino Medical Student Association

    The application cycle for this position is closed. The application for the 2024 - 2025 leadership cycle will open in the spring of 2024. Information is available below for those who may be thinking about this opportunity.

    Applications for this position are reviewed by the AAFP Resident and Student Leadership Screening Committee and candidates are appointed by the AAFP Board of Directors. All applicants will be notified by October 31, 2023. 

    During the fall of 2016, executive leadership from the LMSA and the AAFP FMIG Network discussed opportunities for collaboration to accomplish shared goals, including: workforce diversity in primary care, community organizing, advocacy for improving vulnerable patient populations, and developing leaders in primary care.

    Founded in 1987, the LMSA is a non-profit organization with a mission to unify all Latino medical students into one organization, actively promote recruitment and retention of Latino students at all levels, educate medical students on Latino health issues, and advocate for the rights of Latinos in health care. Throughout the years, LMSA has successfully provided leadership opportunities for Latinos and promoted volunteerism in the Latino community.


    Term: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

    • Participate in regular calls and meetings with both AAFP FMIG Network and LMSA leadership to stay informed and contribute to FMIG priorities and strategic planning in workforce diversity
    • Disseminate information between LMSA and the FMIG Network as requested
    • Participate in planning and executing programming at AAFP National Conference and LMSA National Conference
    • Participate in further refining a LMSA/AAFP joint strategic plan to promote family medicine as a career to LMSA members
    • Identify and act on opportunities for increasing medical student awareness and affinity for primary care careers, especially as it relates to serving underserved and underrepresented communities and pursuing careers in academics
    • Identify strategies to boost attendance of LMSA students interested in primary care to AAFP National Conference, particularly among students in their first three years of medical school
    • After full calendar year of service, remain available to finish planning and hosting family medicine programming at LMSA National Conference. Note: A new liaison will be appointed in January to take over regular monthly activities
    • Contribute to planning and leading programming at the AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students

    Application Summary

    Candidates for this position are appointed by the AAFP Board of Directors at the recommendation of the AAFP Resident and Student Leadership Screening Committee.

    Required elements of the application include:

    • Completed application form
    • Letter of Interest
    • Letter of support from faculty at your medical school
    • Participation form signed by medical school dean’s office
    • Support form completed by your AAFP chapter (state or constituent chapter)
    • Completed conflict of interest disclosure
    • Photo

    Letters and forms can be uploaded or requested through the online application system. For detailed information on application materials, visit the How to Apply page. It is important to connect with your local AAFP Chapter as soon as possible to express your interest in this position, as some chapters have required processes that need to happen before applying. 

    Meet Current Student Leaders

    Read Annual Reports

    Questions? Contact AAFP leadership staff at getinvolved@aafp.org.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Meet mutually agreed upon eligibility requirements and be chosen by a joint selection committee that includes both AAFP and LMSA leadership, and approved by both organizations’ boards of directors
    • Medical student in good academic standing
    • Member of the AAFP
    • Member of the LMSA
    • Interested in promoting family medicine in medical schools through LMSA and FMIG activities

    Time commitment away from medical school: Approximately 13-14 days (includes weekends) for travel and attendance at meetings.

    Funding: The AAFP will cover reasonable expenses (in accordance with its applicable travel policies) to attend the AAFP National Conference and the annual FMIG Network Student Leader Orientation, including registration fees, transportation, lodging and meals. The LMSA will cover reasonable expenses (in accordance with its applicable travel policies) to attend the LMSA National Conference and the LMSA Leadership Retreat/Policy Summit, including registration fees, transportation, lodging and meals.

    Meeting Schedule

    Meeting Dates Location
    FMIG Network Student Leader Orientation January 5 - 7, 2024 Leawood, KS
    AAFP National Conference August 1 - 3, 2024 Kansas City, MO
    LMSA Annual Conference
    Fall 2024 TBD