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Thank you! Almost 300 of you submitted your best moment as a family physician – some as simple as they are poignant, some a lifetime in the making.

While the opportunity to submit has passed, please enjoy this random sample of best moments.

Delivering a baby for parents, both of whom I had delivered.
Charlie Baker, MD

Hearing "My dad wouldn't be alive to see me graduate if it weren't for you."
Selina Burt, DO

Marrying my patient and his partner one day before he died of liver cancer.
Sharlene Murphy, DO

Hearing, when I announced my change of practice: "Where we going next, Doc?"
Dean Quimby, MD, FAAFP

When a patient says, "You know me better than any of my other doctors."
Michael L Broeker, MD

When a mother stopped me walking to lunch, knowing I'd literally run back to treat her son's laceration.
Mark Wardle, DO

Staying in touch with someone I delivered and seeing the wonderful person she has become.
David Schindler, MD

When the patient I diagnosed with sleep apnea could drive again without falling asleep, and could spend time with his family.
Malinda Newcombe, MD

When my bipolar patient's five-year-old hugged me around the legs and said, "Thanks for making my mommy happy!"
Sonji Boyd, MD

Receiving this note: "I feel like I had more time with my mom because of you."
Jennifer Leiser, MD

When the daughter of a patient who had just died said "Thank you for making it easier for all of us.”
Ann Dimapilis, DO, FAAFP

Pronouncing death for my then-oldest patient at age 97, then quickly running down the hallway to deliver a beautiful newborn girl.
Christopher Andres, MD

Deploying in 2011 to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, as the Wing Surgeon (FWD) of the 2D Marine Aircraft Wing.
Joe D. Haines, MD, MPH, FAAFP

When a patient with teary eyes said that a doctor is finally listening to her.
Aris Abeleda, MD

Being in the Kahuku High School homecoming parade honoring my 40 years as football team doctor.
Marc Shlachter, MD, FAAFP

When I spoke with my patient about her dementia and advance directives, she hugged me and said "I love you! Thank you for being honest with me."
Katherine Welty, MD

When my patient invited me to his 90th birthday party to introduce me to his extended family.
Dora Akuetteh-Saforo, MD, FAAFP

When my mother died, I was touched by the number of patients that offered healing to me.
Kathleen Phelan, MD

I had an end-of-life discussion with my elderly patient in the ICU. Two hours later, I delivered his grandchild.
Michelle Matin, MD

I wanted to end my diabetes group visits and start a new group. They would not let me do it.
Mark Dressner, MD, FAAFP

When a patient said: "Doc, I have stopped smoking not only because you said why I had to, but how you said it and you explained what I had to do."
Yvonne Rodriguez-Conesa, MD

I diagnosed a grandma with a severe headache with a brain aneurysm prior to rupture and prevented a stroke. She and her entire family sent me thank you notes.
Steve Witzke, MD

Treating African refugees who had no hope.
Bill Harrington, MD

When an elderly gentleman in a rural Bangladeshi village grabs my hand and says, "Thank you, doctor!" in Bengali.
Joy Anglea, MD

I asked why my patient lost 50 pounds. His incredulous reply: "You told me to!"
Kathy Nieder, MD

Medevac of a laboring Mom with a prolapsed fetal arm to Bethel, Alaska in 40-below weather. Performing a C-section and saving two lives.
Dan Herman, MD

Being with her to tell Sarah it was OK for her to let go as she took her last breath.
Brad Buckhout, MD

My overweight 6-year-old patient said at her follow-up visit, "We all eat dinner at the table together now!"
Jennifer Stanley, MD

When a recent immigrant from China stood up to her abusive husband and escaped with her children to the shelter.
Christina Ng, MD

When a patient gave me a wristband with "family" inscribed on it.
Ehteshamuddin Syed, MD