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What is AAFP News?

AAFP News, launched in April 2005 as AAFP News Now, is the official news publication of the American Academy of Family Physicians. The two previous AAFP news publications, FP Report and AAFP Direct, ceased publication the month before AAFP News Now launched. At that time, some news coverage from those discontinued publications was "migrated" to AAFP News Now online.

AAFP News is first and foremost an online publication, with news stories posted continually. Each week, members with email addresses on file with the AAFP receive an email with links to top AAFP News online stories.

Who produces AAFP News?

Staff in the Academy's News Department.

As the family physician's trusted, credible source for news about the specialty and the larger world of medicine, AAFP News delivers news and information to AAFP members that is accurate, timely, and consistent with the Academy's strategic mission areas and that demonstrates the value of membership. AAFP News content will fit within the broader context of AAFP communications and will invite dialogue to stimulate members' engagement with their Academy.

Richard Espinoza
Executive Editor

Cindy Borgmeyer
Managing Editor - Online

David Mitchell
Social Media/Commentary Editor

Sheri Porter
News and Photo Editor

Chris Crawford, M.B.A.
Health and Science Editor

Scott Wilson
Advocacy Editor

Michael Devitt, M.A.
Communications Specialist

Jessica Pupillo
Jill Sederstrom
Paula Haas
Contributing Writers

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To comment on AAFP News stories, post a comment at the bottom of individual stories. Or, send a letter to the editor to aafpnews@aafp.org. We'd love to hear from you!

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You can add AAFP News top stories to your news reader (also called an RSS reader, feed reader or feed aggregator) by clicking the orange RSS icon on the left. Depending on your browser version, when you click the icon, you'll see either a page of unstyled code or a list of recent AAFP News articles.If you see the unstyled code, just ignore it. Copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into your news reader. If you see the list of articles, choose which application you'd like to use to subscribe from the pull-down menu at the top of the page, and click "Subscribe Now."

The latest versions of modern Web browsers are capable of displaying RSS without the need for additional software.

I don't use a news reader yet. How do I get started?

To see a list of free Web-based and downloadable news readers, perform a Web search for "RSS reader." If you choose to download one, be sure to pick one that is compatible with your computer’s operating system (e.g., Windows, Mac, Linux).

Because all news readers are different, it's important to look at the instructions for adding feeds to your specific news reader. Typically, you can add AAFP News to your news reader simply by clicking the orange RSS icon wherever you see it displayed on an AAFP News page. When you do, you'll see a page of unstyled code -- the "instructions" for your news reader. Just ignore that page of code, copy the URL from the navigation bar, and paste it into your news reader.

How can I add the AAFP News widget to my web page?

Visit the AAFP News widget instructions page to learn how to add the widget to your web page.