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Thursday Mar 14, 2019

Your State Legislature Is a Train Wreck? Don't Look Away

Kimberly Becher, M.D., writes in this Fresh Perspectives blog post that a day in her state capitol during a contentious legislative session rekindled her interest in health policy.

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Posted at 11:15AM Mar 14, 2019 by Kimberly Becher, M.D. | Comments [0]

Monday Feb 18, 2019

Let's Take a Public Health Approach to Climate Change

Nearly 80 percent of Americans believe climate change is happening. M.P.H. candidate Stewart Decker, M.D., offers a public health approach to convincing the rest and addressing the problem.

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Posted at 01:20PM Feb 18, 2019 by Stewart Decker, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Jan 29, 2019

Don't Be Shy About Asking for Help Patients Need

Kimberly Becher, M.D., writes that finding creative ways to solve patients' problems outside of her clinic is good for both her and her patients.

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Posted at 10:03AM Jan 29, 2019 by Kimberly Becher, M.D. | Comments [0]

Wednesday Jan 09, 2019

Medicaid Expansion Could Be Key to Saving Rural Hospitals

Nearly 100 rural hospitals have closed since 2010, and almost 700 more are considered vulnerable. Tate Hinkle, M.D., writes in the Fresh Perspectives blog that Medicaid expansion could be the key to stopping the trend.

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Posted at 02:37PM Jan 09, 2019 by Tate Hinkle, M.D. | Comments [0]

Friday Dec 21, 2018

Have We Failed to 'Promote the General Welfare' of People?

In this fourth installment of his master's in public health series in the Fresh Perspectives blog, Stewart Decker, M.D., discusses the social, or structural, issues that affect health.

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Posted at 11:44AM Dec 21, 2018 by Stewart Decker, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Dec 18, 2018

You Hate Your EHR? Help Develop Something Better

Instead of hoping someone will ask physicians about their technology needs, Lalita Abhyankar, M.D., M.H.S., writes in the Fresh Perspectives blog that doctors should seek out developers looking for new ideas.

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Posted at 04:05PM Dec 18, 2018 by Lalita Abhyankar, MD, MHS | Comments [0]

Thursday Nov 29, 2018

Focus on Decision-makers to Improve Public Health

In this Fresh Perspectives blog post, master of public health candidate Stewart Decker, M.D., shares his insights from a course on campaigning and community organizing.

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Posted at 03:13PM Nov 29, 2018 by Stewart Decker, M.D. | Comments [0]

Monday Nov 26, 2018

Let's Get Drug Pricing Under Control

Allison Edwards, M.D., writes in this Fresh Perspectives blog post that it's high time we find a fix for the drug pricing system that we've grown too accustomed to.

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Posted at 02:55PM Nov 26, 2018 by Allison Edwards, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Nov 20, 2018

Protect Transgender and Intersex Patients

In this Fresh Perspectives blog post, Natalie Hinchcliffe, D.O., describes the many factors that contribute to gender identity, and she calls for physicians to take a stand in support of their transgender and intersex patients.

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Posted at 09:07AM Nov 20, 2018 by Natalie Hinchcliffe, D.O. | Comments [0]

Monday Nov 05, 2018

Should We Talk Politics With Patients?

As this year's contentious midterm campaigns draw to a close, Chris Baumert, M.D., ponders how physicians should handle patients' political questions.

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Posted at 01:08PM Nov 05, 2018 by Chris Baumert, M.D. | Comments [0]

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