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Tuesday Mar 05, 2019

Our Maternal Mortality Rate Is Shameful

The United States is the only developed nation with a rapidly increasing maternal mortality rate. Natasha Bhuyan, M.D., examines what should be done about it.

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Posted at 12:50PM Mar 05, 2019 by Natasha Bhuyan, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Feb 12, 2019

Are Your Patients Wasting Money on Supplements?

According to the latest Fresh Perspectives blog post, a recent survey found that nearly 90 percent of adults take vitamins or supplements, but less than 25 percent of respondents had a confirmed nutrient deficiency.

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Posted at 04:15PM Feb 12, 2019 by Mikhail Varshavski, D.O. | Comments [0]

Friday Sep 21, 2018

POCUS: A Small Tool With Big Benefits for Primary Care

Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, M.D., writes that as ultrasound devices get smaller, more powerful and more affordable, they can help reduce costs and improve patient care and safety.

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Posted at 10:19AM Sep 21, 2018 by Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, M.D. | Comments [0]

Monday Sep 17, 2018

I Hired a Community Health Worker and Now We Work Miracles

Patients need doctors, but some need more help to achieve better health. Kimberly Becher, M.D., writes in the Fresh Perspectives blog about the dramatic difference a community health worker has made in her practice.

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Posted at 02:49PM Sep 17, 2018 by Kimberly Becher, M.D. | Comments [0]

Monday Aug 27, 2018

Putting My Broad-scope Training to the Test

Tate Hinkle, M.D., and his primary care colleagues tested the limits of their broad-scope training when a wave of subspecialists left their small, rural community.

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Posted at 03:46PM Aug 27, 2018 by Tate Hinkle, M.D. | Comments [0]

Friday Jul 27, 2018

Game Over? WHO Decision on Gaming Disorder Raises Questions

The World Health Organization recently recognized gaming disorder as being a mental health condition. In this Fresh Perspectives blog post, Luis Garcia, M.D., looks at what that could mean for family physicians and patients.

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Posted at 06:15PM Jul 27, 2018 by Luis Garcia, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Jun 12, 2018

Outbreak Brings Patients Running for Vaccinations

As a hepatitis A outbreak in her state reaches 150 cases and counting, Kimberly Becher, M.D., wonders in this Fresh Perspectives blog post if media-induced hysteria might actually help overall vaccination rates.

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Posted at 01:34PM Jun 12, 2018 by Kimberly Becher, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Jun 05, 2018

Into the Woods: Top Tips for Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness medicine training can prepare you for a journey into the woods. Stewart Decker, M.D., writes in the Fresh Perspectives blog that it also can help in any situation where you have to improvise.

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Posted at 03:39PM Jun 05, 2018 by Stewart Decker, M.D. | Comments [0]

Wednesday May 16, 2018

Exercise Is Medicine. Here's How I Get Patients Started

Ninety percent of Americans don't meet recommendations for physical activity. Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, M.D., has seen the good that exercise can do, and in this Fresh Perspectives blog post he shares ways to get more patients off the couch.

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Posted at 10:09AM May 16, 2018 by Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Apr 17, 2018

Two Approaches to Making Your Point With Patients

Class is back in session as M.P.H. candidate Stewart Decker, M.D., shares his insights from a course on persuasive communication in this Fresh Perspectives blog post.

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Posted at 10:03AM Apr 17, 2018 by Stewart Decker, M.D. | Comments [0]

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