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Monday Oct 14, 2019

Lifestyle Medicine Is My Prescription for Better Health

Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, M.D., is determined to convince his patients that a healthy diet, exercise and adequate rest are better than any medication he can prescribe.

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Posted at 03:41PM Oct 14, 2019 by Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Aug 06, 2019

Helping Patients Lose Weight Is Hard, but Don't Give Up

Human behavior is hard to change. In this Fresh Perspectives blog post, Margaux Lazarin, D.O., M.P.H., ponders the challenge of helping patients achieve -- and sustain -- weight loss.

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Posted at 04:14PM Aug 06, 2019 by Margaux Lazarin, D.O., M.P.H. | Comments [0]

Wednesday Jul 31, 2019

Where Do You Draw the Line With Patients, Animals?

Amid calls for stricter standards for emotional support animals, we asked our new physician bloggers how they handle letter-writing requests from patients regarding their animals. This Fresh Perspectives blog post includes their answers.

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Posted at 02:53PM Jul 31, 2019 by Margaux Lazarin, D.O., M.P.H. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Jul 23, 2019

Patients Facing Homelessness Need More Than Referrals

In this Fresh Perspectives blog post, Anita Ravi, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.H.P., explains why "Refer to social work" is not the natural conclusion of a physician's role in addressing social determinants of health among patients experiencing homelessness.

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Posted at 04:07PM Jul 23, 2019 by Anita Ravi, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.H.P. | Comments [0]

Monday Jul 15, 2019

My Teen Patient Opened Up About Her Suicide Attempt

Teen suicide rates are on the rise. In this Fresh Perspectives blog post, Lalita Abhyankar, M.D., M.H.S., shares insights from a recent visit with a teenage patient who survived a suicide attempt.

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Posted at 04:41PM Jul 15, 2019 by Lalita Abhyankar, MD, MHS | Comments [0]

Monday Jun 03, 2019

Rural FPs Need More Support in Treating Mental Illness

Rural physicians and their patients face significant barriers when it comes to providing mental health care. In this Fresh Perspectives blog post, Tate Hinkle, M.D., suggests strategies to help overcome these problems.

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Posted at 12:25PM Jun 03, 2019 by Tate Hinkle, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Apr 30, 2019

It's Humbling to Be Reminded How Much There Is to Know

Margaux Lazarin, D.O., M.P.H., writes in this Fresh Perspectives blog post that a moment of self-doubt provided motivation for her to learn more and do better.

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Posted at 04:09PM Apr 30, 2019 by Margaux Lazarin, D.O., M.P.H. | Comments [0]

Monday Apr 22, 2019

How Many Chances Should We Give Patients? It Depends

Patients trying to recover from substance use disorders face numerous obstacles. In this Fresh Perspectives blog post, Kurt Bravata, M.D., examines how family physicians can help.

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Posted at 02:22PM Apr 22, 2019 by Kurt Bravata, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Apr 02, 2019

EAT-Lancet Recommendations Have Value, but Are They Feasible?

A new report on diet and agriculture aims to improve the health of the earth and its human inhabitants. Lalita Abhyankar, M.D., M.H.S., lauds the commission's effort but questions the feasibility of its recommendations.

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Posted at 01:14PM Apr 02, 2019 by Lalita Abhyankar, MD, MHS | Comments [0]

Tuesday Mar 05, 2019

Our Maternal Mortality Rate Is Shameful

The United States is the only developed nation with a rapidly increasing maternal mortality rate. Natasha Bhuyan, M.D., examines what should be done about it.

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Posted at 12:50PM Mar 05, 2019 by Natasha Bhuyan, M.D. | Comments [0]

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