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    Inside Family Medicine is where you’ll hear about new resources and tools designed for you, learn about the ways the AAFP is fighting for family medicine in D.C. and across the country, and hear directly from family physicians serving their communities.

    You are part of a community of nearly 130,000 people committed to family medicine. In our new podcast, the AAFP will bring the voices of your colleagues straight to your earbuds. In every episode, you’ll find a colleague pursuing their passion, a resource designed to help you serve patients, or a way you can engage with the community of family medicine.

    The AAFP podcast exists to allow members like you to connect with each other and expand the AAFP’s reach in family medicine by sharing education, advocacy and resources. And, along the way, we hope you find resources and interviews you want to share with members of your care team.

    Share your ideas for content with us at aafpnews@aafp.org

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