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Tuesday Jun 08, 2021

Congress Is Listening to Us About Rural Health Care

Two new bills in Congress reflect diligent advocacy by the Academy and its members, but more work remains.

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Tuesday Apr 27, 2021

Log In, Fight for Family Medicine, Log Off

This is the last week to register for the AAFP’s all-virtual 2021 Family Medicine Advocacy Summit, which will be held May 18-19.

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Tuesday Apr 13, 2021

A Maternal Health Breakthrough and a PCF Model Update

CMS has given Illinois the go-ahead for 12 months’ postpartum Medicaid coverage, reflecting an AAFP advocacy goal.

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Wednesday Mar 31, 2021

Strengthening the ACA Starts With Payment Parity

The drumbeat behind the Kids’ Access to Primary Care Act and other legislation to improve the ACA is getting louder. The bill would bring sorely needed improvement to primary care payment.

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Thursday Mar 18, 2021

Our Advocacy Is Building Momentum for Primary Care

From passage of the American Rescue Plan Act to a welcome increase in Medicare payment for the COVID-19 vaccines, the AAFP is charting big family medicine wins.

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Tuesday Mar 02, 2021

Blitzing for Family Medicine

The AAFP’s president and Board last week made an intensive lobbying push in a series of virtual advocacy meetings with congressional members and staff.

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Thursday Jan 21, 2021

Encouraging Signs in Washington for Family Medicine

There’s reason to hope that the incoming administration is ready to recognize primary care’s importance as it works to improve vaccination efforts and health care policy as a whole.

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Tuesday Dec 08, 2020

Budget Neutrality, Not Primary Care, Is Subspecialties’ Enemy

The 2021 Medicare physician fee schedule final rule increases E/M payment as planned on Jan. 1, but Congress is weighing action that puts your long-overdue raise at risk.

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Thursday Oct 29, 2020

We’re a Broken Record — And We’ll Keep Playing Louder

Whatever happens Nov. 3, Senior Vice President for Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Stephanie Quinn writes that primary care needs Congress to take important action before year’s end.

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Thursday Oct 01, 2020

Roundtable Shows How to Square Off for Family Medicine

The Academy's all-virtual State Legislative Conference kicked off with a strong session recognizing big wins from three chapters -- and showing how these victories can be reproduced elsewhere.

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Stephanie Quinn, AAFP Senior Vice President of Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy.

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