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Tuesday Mar 13, 2018

Congratulations on Your Match! Here's What to Do Next

Now that Match results are out, resident Alexa Mieses, M.D., M.P.H., offers tips to fourth-year medical students on what to do before residency orientation begins.

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Posted at 10:12AM Mar 13, 2018 by Alexa Mieses, M.D., M.P.H. | Comments [0]

Friday Mar 09, 2018

The Match Can Be Daunting; Here's How to Keep It Simple

The Match is just a week away. Fourth-year medical student John Heafner, M.P.H., offers advice for students who will be going through the process in the future.

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Posted at 11:13AM Mar 09, 2018 by John Heafner, M.P.H. | Comments [0]

Friday Mar 02, 2018

Congress Needs to Hear From FPs -- Here's Your Chance

AAFP President-elect John Cullen, M.D., reports from Capitol Hill, where the Academy's Board of Directors recently had dozens of meetings with legislators and congressional staff.

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Posted at 02:54PM Mar 02, 2018 by John Cullen, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Feb 27, 2018

Real Action on Administrative Burden Is Long Overdue

The AAFP has been communicating with CMS and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT about reducing administrative burden, and this week, leaders will address that critical issue on Capitol Hill.

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Posted at 03:21PM Feb 27, 2018 by John Meigs, M.D. | Comments [0]

Monday Feb 19, 2018

Burnout Part 2: Adopting a Systems Approach to Prevention

Carl Olden, M.D., examines methods to approach physician burnout and resilience from the perspectives of the small practice, the multispecialty group and hospital medical staff.

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Posted at 02:35PM Feb 19, 2018 by Carl Olden, M.D. | Comments [0]

Friday Feb 09, 2018

A Right Way to Treat Opioid Addiction

Some physicians remain reluctant to prescribe buprenorphine for medication-assisted therapy. Alan Schwartzstein, M.D., refutes two common arguments against the practice.

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Posted at 12:33PM Feb 09, 2018 by Alan Schwartzstein, M.D. | Comments [0]

Friday Feb 02, 2018

With Most New Med Students Women Now, Let's Boost Our Support

For the first time, the new class of U.S. medical students has more women than men. Erica Swegler, M.D., writes that it's been a tough path for women, and obstacles remain.

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Posted at 05:34PM Feb 02, 2018 by Erica Swegler, M.D. | Comments [0]

Monday Jan 29, 2018

Congress' Inaction Threatens Family Medicine Training

The future of the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program -- and more than 700 residency slots -- is unclear because Congress has failed to address long-term funding.

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Posted at 01:37PM Jan 29, 2018 by John Meigs, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Jan 23, 2018

How a Rotation Far From Home Helped Me Appreciate Community

Medical student John Heafner, M.P.H., writes that his rotation at the Northern Navajo Medical Center helped him see another aspect of the heart of family medicine.

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Posted at 03:00PM Jan 23, 2018 by John Heafner, M.P.H. | Comments [0]

Friday Jan 12, 2018

Primary Care Needs Congress' Attention Right Now

Representatives from the AAFP and five other organizations recently met with legislators about vital primary care programs jeopardized by lack of stable funding.

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Posted at 01:11PM Jan 12, 2018 by Michael Munger, M.D. | Comments [0]

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